When you work on the Internet through the internet and the Internet are the days when you have the urge to push the magic button that the entire network shuts down. Unfortunately it is not possible to achieve. The Internet will not shutdown, you can only from him. I know how these gaps are significant, however, in order to function as a person and not a robot, who sits 24/7 at your computer. I know how weird is sometimes to go out into the street after a week of passionate battering computer mouse. Are projects that can devour human. I know people who are caught up in the Internet, do not go out from their homes at all, sad but true. More and more often you can hear about people working at the computer, who are experiencing burnout. Therefore, the most important are all breaks and healthy moderation. In life there is always a time of time and space for longer breaks, so whenever the opportunity, I try to use these smaller gaps. Weekend getaway-is really an interesting option. Who keeps my instagram this [adrian.today]probably seen pictures from the weekend. Who doesn't follow up-has an opportunity now to catch up.


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For a weekend or for a longer period?

People are different, so a short weekend getaway is not for everyone a good option. I have many friends who simply are not able to collect on the weekend, the trip too expensive, too far, too long in the car. I like to ride the car, so even a half day behind the wheel doesn't impress me. So what do short breaks us tired-you can always use some last minute deals and take a longer vacation. Of course, there may also be problems, crossing leave with the other half, a buddy or kumpelą (does not penetrate). Of course I don't mean holiday for 10 k with colorful drinks and leave, that would draw us from the computer. One of my favorite travel ITHACA has one of the largest deals last minute. So you can go ahead and dress and with a little luck-can book a cheap trip.


Beautiful photo

Beautiful photo-sometimes better pics to do yourself. Here, unfortunately, we gave a tempted to someone else's help. Anyway-thank you.

Shorter breaks


If the breaks are not included in the game, always remember to take short breaks. To meet with other people, take a stroll around the city-remind yourself how it looks like, or simply go out for a beer to your favorite Pub. Cafes-are great places where you can catch some air, not drenched in the Internet. Is really a lot. Question for you, especially for bloggers-what are your ways to catch your breath, to relax. Whether we are happy to have last minute offers, or rather carefully you plan your holiday and relaxation?