I think that you will not sin when I say that I was not here during the year. The few entries, how to check if no one window not knocked in an abandoned house, everything would certainly still is as it should be. However, this last year-it’s a whole bunch of changes. From the servers that are most important in life, by the address including the country. Thousands of kilometres. Some weight transported the BRIC, which we call the luggages of all life, to the several thousand kilometers in the air. Last year was a really tough period, the more that all we focused on one card. Without preparation, without any plan, the total spontan-moving life of Polish to the UK. Like it was not so long ago, though today I vaguely remember when a year ago we arrived to the UK, I fell asleep in the car in the parking lot. So, I had no strength even go inside. So it all started.

But why!

Really thank you very much for all these messages on Facebook, and e-mails about my blogging. It is very nice to read. It’s nice to know that somewhere on the other side of the monitor in this world of dead and unrealistic sits also someone, however, a little bit is missing on my activity. Some obviously do not understand that a person can have their own life-poobrażali, it’s hard. However, I hope that one day the time will come when it will understand. But sometimes I just so happens, that as long as man learns a certain stage of life for yourself, even if you did his best and troił will not be able to take a look from someone else’s point of view. I today I know that I don’t belong to anyone, today I’m just. I know that I can write back to the message, I can help you, but I don’t have to. Time obligations, this is the time when I’m at work, but the time for pleasure I can independently develop. Asked why I did not write, after all, this moment finally comes to me easily. The reasons are of course a few. The main and most important, it’s pretty much a limited amount of time, in which I had to grind your English, change the place of residence, to look for new, look for a job, change jobs. It was also the time where it is time to finish certain things, in order to make room for the new, more interesting and such that will be closer to my heart. So it happened.

You can do it!

I repeated a hundred times during the last year. Tomorrow morning I will write the article. I get back from work it would run machnę. It may on Saturday because it is free. But take the write an article on Saturday, when the window is the weather, that even the internet seems to live as punishment. So you go out, you enjoy all the new places, new flavours, new culture and the people who compose it. You something completely different. Having said that, it’s all you know, because in the end this is not Your first trip abroad, but over time it changes everything. Seems mature and you-well, you start to see more sense. Each day also changes you. You’re trying to get rid of all these bad readings, that gromadziłeś the whole of life, without which it is impossible to survive in Poland. You forget. All this despite the fact that beautiful, it is really aggravating. Much more thinking and wondering about worldly things. You become for a while in the bathroom, just to for the next ten minutes to watch a flock of pheasants, proudly marching in with some Greens, everything seems to be charming. Such new and not contaminated.

Time for a change

So today I’m back. I’m back with something completely new. From now on, the blog will no longer be just a blog, because most of the entries I’m going to also create video. But quietly, the writing does not give up, I love to write. I have a one year backlog, very beautiful. So it will be a lot more interesting than ever. I have a new space, which is not so common as Kielce, where I have lived for the last 29 years of his life. New friends, though these often difficult-who was though for a while in the UK, well aware that the people you can meet. Therefore, I invite you to subscribe to the youtube channel, although this is not a necessity. I invite you also to keep track of blog entries. From today I will be posted regularly. Not be as regularly as I used to, when I was able to create two articles one day. However, it will regularly, yet I do not know whether there will be two entries per week or one. But they will! This is the place I would very much like to thank all of you who have been with me, even though I was not a blogger over the last year. This is a place I would like to thank my przecudownej „Rzepka”, that throughout this period sought to motivate me to blogging. A thank you to blogierka, which also deserves along the final nail on the façade of this new stage. Thank you.