Today will be a bit of a platform for bloggers Reachablogger that this is the place to hangout for bloggers and advertisers seeking attractive blogs, where you can buy an ad. The whole principle of the system is simple. Add your blog to reachablogger, so looking for blogs advertisers can rate it and take out an ad. The amount of course we set yourself when you add your blog. The service is fairly intuitive, so no one will make the problem registration and first orders. The reachablogger is already more than 2000 bloggers, you can tell that this is a really good result given the young age of this platform.

How much can you earn?


Complementing the movie I would add that the rate for writing the article fluctuates between 100-200 PLN. Of course there will be also people who write articles after 10 PLN, but such I will not elaborate on. The rate of bloggers don't look so so wrong. Well looking blog that provides valuable content can count on these 100-200 PLN for entry. Of course, the articles we create on their own, and we look forward to your acceptance of the client. As it's not hard to count enough that we will create 8 entries per month after 200 PLN, for "lowest national"-anyway it's far better than working after 8 h a day-is it not? And reachablogger are not the only place where we can zmonetyzować move or surface on our blog.

How do I catch the advertisers?


This task is very easy. We choose the interesting person in the directory advertisers and send request. Most of the people that I had the opportunity to get to know, simply clicks and sends a blank window-this is very bad. I do not recommend making this error because since we bloggers, people who spend all day writing we can't muster a few sentences as an advertiser has to judge which place would be appropriate? Well, it will be very difficult for him. Therefore, by signing up to the advertiser, let's write who we are and how long we blog. If our stats are impressive-well worth a mention. I always I add also that article I publish "permanent", unfortunately, not everyone does, and this may be an important factor for the advertiser. In addition, always adds a promotion on facebook and instagram – which is another plus.

The most important thing-to stand out among these 2000 blogs added to reachablogger. If so our blog description, and content of notifications will stand out, there is a very high probability that an advertiser chooses us to cooperate.



If you have a hectic and not always apply within-let the advertisers. On your own skin I experienced a decline in jobs on reachablogger when you just "olala" several orders. It was independent from me, however, was. What happened? Ano simply-order gone, and with them the next. It turned out that the people who give these orders have worked for the Agency, hence-orders may be more, I ended up one unfulfilled so and without compensation. A huge plus is the fact that advertisers do not generally pushing for bloggers, do not create time pressure, so if you do not have time this week, simply write to the advertiser a short note of apology and the date when the article appears. When he introduced the tactics, I met with understanding. Now, I know that every order can be complete without breaking the nerves of the advertisers and their.

As You can see …


If you are adding a blog to the site remember that it is Your calling card. How your blog looks nicer, and more is well maintained-the greater the chance of getting interesting. It just so happens that my blog had changed graphics. Well I have seen "more interest advertisers" when the blog look better. Sometimes you don't even need to buy a new skin, simply delete the broken links, correct wrong displaying the pictures. Create a place that looks clean and aesthetically pleasing. Getting rid of the intrusive ads, also will have positive effects. Most of these things you can do yourself, this will improve not only income, but also statistics on the blog. Appropriate to ensure that social media-will be another good step, since today virtually most advertisers draws attention not only on the blog, but also on what happens around him.


Working with bloggers


Today, in an era where most people live in mind that television is only redundant propaganda increasingly moving away from this type of advertising, on the blogs, youtube channels or websites. Aware of the advertiser knows that working with bloggers is very profitable. Today, bloggers work not only advertising agencies or media houses, more often after this form of advertising dates back to the average company. If you have a few years ago, blogs were considered diaries, today blogs very often great ad placements. Deciding on the use of reachablogger, even in the case of a small company-will pay off. The platform gets only 10% Commission on executed transactions. Soon about I'd like to expand, so here a question for you-what do you expect? Whether you work with this platform, and you may have heard about any opinions? Or something caused you difficulties? I strongly invite you to the discussion.