News from the past


Probably each of us at least once in their life looked to the past. Part of us today stores antiques, that remember the ancient times, still others collect stamps, cigarette lighters and even caps. I personally like to collect coins, which will take me on a journey to the past. As are various important dates and marked important events, it can give information about what happened in the past. Of course, anyone who knows the fun in Grapevine knows that many messages from the past is "twisted". Messages from the past we get from people, some koloryzują, some history of rough are colouring and we never have the certainty of whether such amended form has anything to do with the truth. However, there are heroes who decided to change this, you will learn about it, however, a little later.

My first


I also am the type who likes to dig in the past, especially looking for coins. So, too, started my adventure with collecting coins. Initially wanted to infect me this passion the father, however, he could not. Were the holidays, I had a break from school, as each. Living in a village called Kielce, work in the garden were normal. So the father zapędził me for digging. I had to make a "driveway" on a trailer. I started to dig. On the second day of the shovel has encountered resistance, I took a closer look-coin. Pretty much half-eaten by tooth of time, however, unique. Was slightly larger than coins, which currently we use, have a different color, kinda looks like it was made of clay (Fortunately, there is metal). Coin of course kept, father to today is that not all przekopałem checked the garden in search of the next. And you know what? Ever since I found this coin, very often I send a message to the future in the form of "current", always when I throw a coin into the sea or excavation on the site, I hope that in the future someone on her hits. Why do it? Really great joy made me find unusual coins, I hope my well someone will make the joy though for a while.

Message to the future


As you can see, I regularly send messages to the future. Perhaps few will read with coins, but still! I wonder if you also have your ways to somehow keep the memory of our time, about the people who lived there. If not, as mentioned today will be a bargain. Anyone can send a message to the future! All thanks to the company's Securities, which has decided to prepare a special capsule, which will be packed up Your message and sent to the future. Oh, I know that I can be boring and the future I send coins, I know that there are people among you that in the future they want to send a more creative ideas. Even if your messages to the future will be spicy, you can rest easy-all submissions will be packed to the capsule, and the first people that will read a message from the past will be people who will find the capsule in the future. We probably will no longer in the world, will remain, however, our message, that perhaps will save the world!

Send your message


If you already know how your message will look to the future, go to and save your message far in the future! For more information about actions, see the video.