Automotive is a male domain. Sometimes I meet women who have a greater understanding of the automotive industry than men. Today, a short entry on replacing the brake pads in the car. I was inspired by car mechanics, they told me to wait for the replacement of brake pads for more than two weeks. I really understand everything. Driving without brakes in the car, not the most pleasant thing.

What will You need?


Really little. Up to one hour of time. If the bolts in the wheels are baked, you need a little more than an hour of time. You will still need brake pads, a car and a special key. It also serves wire brush.

Is it complicated?


This is not complicated. The exchange had not taken me more than 30 minutes. Whenever you indulged your car to a car mechanic, it lasted much longer. Perhaps the car was waiting for his turn. I expect comments from the mechanics, who points out my mistakes. Fortunately, I am not afraid of such comments. I’m not a mechanic, I wanted only to learn something new. Especially that I had no other choice. However, I believe that everything done correctly. The best proof of this – they are working brakes in a car. Not to keep you longer in suspense. Welcome to the movie, which will see step by step how to replace the brake pads. Nice watch. Give of yourself to know in the comment.