Global blind


In his previous job, I met a few people who are scared that what is happening today in the world. Some more, some less. Each, however, has taken some steps that make-that life gets better. One common feature of all these people is that they do not believe in the chaff, which serves us television. As you know-common interests-connect people. So it was in this case. Very quickly a group of strangers-merged, talking about topics that in the normal environment discussed are not, because-someone could us regarded as idiots. Truth be told-I don't care about it, I have my own opinion and I will be moving such topics-on as I feel like. And if someone does not like it-let's just-to stop reading at this point.

Przemyslaw siwacki-global blind

Turn off the tv-turn on thinking


This password as the mantra is repeated for many years by all the enemy propaganda television, which each year brings more and more treatments that blend us in their heads. Carefully looking at what we find in the TV, the conclusions we draw ourselves. I will not write about them, for the simple reason-I stopped watching tv many years ago, and that's what over the last few years I've seen-it's only the ads that I'm interested in because of the occupation. I am not even given what is advertised, and more-how. However, I have also radio, which I later from television. There is also a propaganda, perhaps a bit less, may, friendlier. Therefore, as a mantra I still continues-turn off the tv-turn on thinking. I believe that for the author of the simple sentence-you should be! The dot!

The vaccine


One of the first topics raised in the book. I certainly should not speak in the subject, because I am not an expert. I don't do vaccines, and my only contact with them-it's my own vaccine, which I got-without my permission and without my knowledge, when I was still a child. Well, maybe some vaccinations for school, which I remember-but then mamiony "public holiday" I attended to-after all, everything was better than lessons. Well I remember the visit to the dentist-without anesthesia, without much need for, but it was. One visit, when someone had the head on the neck liberated from three lessons. While in the queue, while the seat-and yet this bół after the visit, that it gave you a dispensation on homeworks or responses. Ah … I got homesick for school years! Yes it was. Always a man chooses-something better, something familiar, something that would bring him profits-for the moment. Today, however, is a bit different and some themes irks me!

So what is annoying me? First of all, the word "mandatory vaccination"-I go out with the assumption that when something is good-it does not need to be mandatory for people. Imagine now-why not have a mandatory vacation? Why the Government does not send us any? This is good and for our health and for our development, we maintain a balance in life, and that all the necessary balance. Since make mandatory vaccinations, this may and mandatory vacation. BA! After the holidays there are no complications, does not die, and when vaccines-it happens differently-from what I've read. Further suit hanging out with the assumption that if something was actually good-does not have to be mandatory. Case vaccination is for me yet so interesting that more and more often speak about vaccination-just doctors. Many of them have lost their jobs, and the media have done with them, perhaps because only a few are bold and loud talk about what they don't like. Finally-a fat doctor is a fat doctor-why risk it.

Global blind-Przemyslaw Siwacki

Advertising medicines


Shark liver oil and a thousand other inventions that are supposed to help us in our lives. Sometimes seeing all those ads I wonder whose fault-that wpierdalamy the whole shit yourself not thinking and not wondering how it works, or maybe the fault of our parents, that we could not bring up. And it just might-tv is our authority and as they say-that it is good, it actually is. I'll tell you an interesting-for many years, I don't use drugs and I have not. My own experience shows that I know many people who are very serious about making this what is beeping tv and radio. Many times I've seen people using drugs "consisting of" or "as a precaution". Even may not drugs and supplements, which are human. We've had avian flu, swine flu and hell knows what else. Most of the people around me-she dressed warmly, tying the scarf exactly. Most of the people around me buying supplements and did vaccination. As a result, the-most of the people blocked toilet with diarrhea with vomiting (hard for me to even imagine how to reconcile it in one toilet, at one time). But it can be! I attended in a short rękawku, laughing with all these treatments. After years it turns out-I was right. I not nothing-and the average flu-lasted on me on average a day, because when I felt that the temperature is rising, just-I did a sandwich with garlic and onion, zapijałem a glass of hot milk with honey and to put. Got up in the morning, saying good bye and influenza. Of course, I have heard from people "Yes-you have more resistance"-I have-and I'd say. I have, because I do not szprycuję a wonderful tablet, and the wonderful onion after which only a kiss can be painful!

Thank you!


Thank you author for writing this book. Thank you, that there are people who are able to use your own mind, the sheer volume of information that sometimes man totally confuse. Thinking-do not hurt, and the head-not only serves to combing. Therefore, I recommend you to think. I'm not saying to read this book and believe everything-no book so does not work. However, it is worth to observe your body, because it is "we" know yourself the best. Sometimes a thousand people can speak-that something is great, sometimes just one-to see that it is different. Medicine-it's art, art which in my opinion has gone not in this page. None of us-not sure how it is in reality. We can only more or less believe in what they're trying to feed us. We can more or less trust the doctors. Also put an interesting question-how many of you have seen the work of doctors "from the inside"? How many of you never see? I saw and it was terrifying for me. We only have one life-so decydujmy about it, my-not others. And by reading publications such as "global blind" simply look in the history. Let's look at the facts, which today nobody hides. Let's look to heroin-that not so long ago was the wonder drug that after "thorough research"-does not make and was much more secure than morphine. What is heroin? Do you still not addictive, is it still safe? How many people died by heroin? How many people believed in the words of the "doctors" and advocated "medicine"? This a nice touch-I wish you good health! I also thank Monika and Kat-which have decided to terminate your sentence in the above topic. I encourage you also to track blogs girls:

Mom in the UK/Charmantowe travel


At the end, of course, a question for you. What is your opinion on tv ads, vaccines and medicines that are attacking us from all sides. How many times have you read actually part of the drug or vaccine before adoption. How many times have you ever wondered, is it that you do not accidentally poison? Feel free to discuss.