17 January 2017
Message to the future premium
News from the past   Probably each of us at least once in their life looked to the past. Part of us today stores antiques, that remember the ancient times, still others collect stamps, cigarette lighters and even caps. I personally like to collect coins, which will take me on a journey to the past. […]
26 October 2016
Web off premium
When you work on the Internet through the internet and the Internet are the days when you have the urge to push the magic button that the entire network shuts down. Unfortunately it is not possible to achieve. The Internet will not shutdown, you can only from him. I know how these gaps are significant, […]
1 October 2016
Apartments in UK premium
Hey! Very many people have often asked me about material for hire in the UK. Here it is. Today the film I was trying to do more humorously, but this important for visitors the essence-is right here. The hiring of anything in the UK-it's really a big problem, and closer to the City Center (London) […]
17 September 2016
Global blind premium
Global blind   In his previous job, I met a few people who are scared that what is happening today in the world. Some more, some less. Each, however, has taken some steps that make-that life gets better. One common feature of all these people is that they do not believe in the chaff, which […]
12 August 2016
Time for a change premium
I think that you will not sin when I say that I was not here during the year. The few entries, how to check if no one window not knocked in an abandoned house, everything would certainly still is as it should be. However, this last year-it’s a whole bunch of changes. From the servers […]
24 July 2016
Apple we love premium
On average, every two years, we face a choice of mobile phone, especially those who are involved in the system of subscription. Offer ends, starts second. Most people that I know, just every two years to exchange the phone, but not all. I've seen situations in which someone buys a mobile phone, just to extend […]
21 July 2016
Moving premium
Last weekend I spent quite actively. Together with Paulinką we have done with a hand in moving from the town of Stoke-on-Trent to Bedford. Well I realize that the majority of Poles living in the UK is only on facebook, although the more I watch these group-the more I see that even on facebook-more and […]
9 July 2016
The first flight of drone premium
Some time ago I promised that I test the drone. The test is not yet. I was able to shoot the first video. I have had many excuses, work, bad weather. Today, despite the bad weather, I decided to launch drone. Do not expect too much. This is my first flight using a drone. I’m trying to […]
8 July 2016
How to replace the brake pads? premium
Automotive is a male domain. Sometimes I meet women who have a greater understanding of the automotive industry than men. Today, a short entry on replacing the brake pads in the car. I was inspired by car mechanics, they told me to wait for the replacement of brake pads for more than two weeks. I really understand everything. Driving without […]
2 June 2016
4 k camera sports premium
Today the recording video clips is virtually the same popular as creating other content. As that from a few good months engulfs everything with the creation of video is linked I decided to create a small review off the sports camera. As experts say-something that is cheap, can't be good. Fully agree with that, but […]