Probably many times have you heard from your family or friends about how does the Polish system of issuing driving licenses. It is not any secret of the fact that the manufacturing licence in Poland does not belong to the simplest of things. At the end of the „WORD” is another, with which we have to face. Maybe a little bit different, because here we demonstrate not only a well filled in to papers, you must pass the tests, to prepare a study, as well as include the driving exam. Today, so a short text about how to do it right and do not give you a stick in a bottle.

Driving license for a bribe!

This, of course, the first of the options. Probably I’m one of the bloggers who do not hold a driving licence. Yes, without this oh-so-valid document moving on the road for over 10 years. In that time have I killed anyone on the road, I had an accident or bumps. Many years ago I tried driving pass, however, I heard from the instructor „you already here fail driving license”-he spoke the truth. Although the approach to the exam several times, I have always been „drenched”. Not irritation me, if I had actually made a mistake, just I lived in too small a city and somehow-I couldn’t leave the square maneuvering. Is said to be hard! Without the right to drive as I mentioned-moving for over 10 years. During this period the proposal to „attend to” driving received at least 50 times. The amounts were different, to begin from 1000zł (£200) ended even at 5000zł. (£1000) Of course, for me it was the only way to do it right away. However, I think a good driver, you do not also support criminal activity – that’s why I thanked, riding without the document.

Today possible, driving license by net!

Probably wondering how. It’s very simple. There are already companies that offer registration of everything without leaving your home, because Your driver’s license will provide courier-directly under Your door. Not only that, the companies of this type do not require payment from you in advance-which I’ll explain a bit later. You pay just the Messenger-when this will bring your new document. However, there are some cons of money-you need to send your photo to be on licence to print. Of course, a luxury you should only pay. Registration of a driving licence via the internet, it is a considerable expense. It will cost a bit more than traditional driving-you’ll save a lot of time, however. You don’t have to wkuwać the rules by heart, you don’t even need to know how to open your car – this knowledge is not necessary, at the end of the paper is paper-isn’t it?

OK.2000zł or £ 500

I just so much would cost traditional licence for category b. of course, you don’t have to be limited, if you can afford it, there is nothing to prevent to get a driving license to a different category. By the way it’s got to be pretty funny-the driver of a truck who never tirze sat, or better yet-the bus driver, who does not know how to get behind the wheel. Coby was not that phantasy here’s a shot from that maybe you had the opportunity to visit. As you can see, the experience is dependent on only the price.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 21.10.23

How does it work in practice?

Is it legal?

It’s very simple. This pseudo company that offers you a manufacturing licence without leaving home-is just one big fucking bullshit con. I will not here describe all mechanisms that protect the person selling „fake driving license”, maybe next time. Today, I will focus on the konkretach. This way, if you really like it-you don’t need to edit OK.2000zł is £ 500. Just order a „collectors”, which many sites message board you can buy for 100 PLN 300. The important thing is that you made the right „with another country.” In this case, the client offers Estonian driving licence. Estonian, as most of you do not even have a clue how seems to driving in Estonia. Also I have no idea, but I bet that you don’t let anyone lead a bus without the opinion of the course.

What’s next? When we already have driving collectors from Estonia, we choose to the Office of communications. We exchange our Estonian driving licence-for Polish. The Office of communications-replace any. After that Exchange, the Office must send the Estonian driving licence for Estonia. It will be a few weeks or even months before the coming of the answer or return it to the Polish or the UK-no matter where you mention, this works in the same way all the time. The regulatory authority of a driving licence in Estonia when it receives from the British or Polish Office of our Estonian driving licence-sends a reply – such licence does not exist. Then the person who pulled down from you £ 500 or OK.2000zł rather be will not. And why? The reason is again simple. Accounts created on sites with and on facebook-just look how „real”. In General, these are the „left” people who add „left” photos, thereby getting ready your profile so that it looked to be the most authentic. When tricked people already know that you have been tricked race begins, then the profile disappears. Estonia to Egypt or Ukraine, and in place of that profile appears two new. Simple!

Legal, of course, it is not. All the time posługujecie a counterfeit document. Not knowing the exams-can’t be done. Sam I am now at the stage of learning about the provisions on driving license in the UK. From what I know, mind driving here is easy – you just need to pass the exams. There are apparently so difficult things as in Poland, where most of the instructors has one goal-uwalić man. If you ride, you just get the right ride. So good luck.

Now a question for you. Have you seen similar posts? I always when I see them-loud comment that this is a fejk. And there is also a request to you – remember this, and when you see the announcement from the left prawkiem, paste the link or even comment. Will certainly be safer on the road, as well as in the books of people who by his naivety can become victims.