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A few years ago when he heard about something, the man immediately came to mind-it must be bad and bad. Over the years the whole of society is becoming more and more eco. From cheap garden lights that somehow shine there without electricity, LED bulbs, which in no way inferior to the normal żarówkom, in [...]

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Polish immigrants to assume

The last is a very loud for immigrants who want to or not-admitted to the Polish. From what I see in the social media opinions are divided (I do not watch tv for many years, the radio also does not listen when they are-not needed me brainwashed). Today, somewhere in the stay fly I've read [...]

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So should work portal

A few days ago I and Paulina had unusual situation taking two people through the portal blah blah Car with Polish to Britain. Everything you can find in this article. So you can say that we have gone through considerable adventure that unfortunately did not have a happy ending. For many people, hitchhiking is a [...]

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Throughout his life, I was somehow very much in favour of the proposal to the Polish. I believed that in this country, actually a lot of things we can do, that the system is environmentally friendly, and the only people to complain about. For many years, takes a variety of attempts to combat the sick [...]

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A long time me here. Not that I forgot, just access to the Internet must be sorted out before leaving. Supposed to be beautifully and colorfully, was supposed to be the access to the Web-unfortunately-there it was. Next time I'll try to improve it. Many times when I watched other blogs and I read translations [...]

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