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Keeping fanpage

Well I remember the days when facebook was the only place where we can see what our friends. It was a great place in which many men looking for women, and many women-man. Today is quite different. Facebook has become the machine that drives the movement at the speed of light. Today open company in [...]

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As it is with these currencies?

Moving to another country is often next to many things to attend to, also the right time to get an idea of what are the exchange rates. This is important, especially when we decide to cash transfers, which we can call it that. Of course, the course is EUR dollar exchange rate could come in [...]

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Subject friendship moving several times already, whether it's at home on the blog or in the comments of some entries, found on the Web. Life I knew who is my friend. It seemed to me that the person with whom you regularly meet, is a friend. Unfortunately, this thinking is quite wrong about what could [...]

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A hole in the road-it's not your problem

And if they divide people into two categories, one part with motor vehicles, hereinafter referred to in today's world. The second, that which does not have a car because public transportation is sufficient. Today article targeted for those who have already, or those who intend to soon be purchased. You will find out how cheap [...]

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What do I know about food?

Culinary expert account for sure can't. But every day I am exposed to places where you definitely wouldn't want to dine out. The problem is only one, so really hard to distinguish between such places from the good ones. A long time ago, when we had no Internet, phones (such as the availability of information [...]

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Apple watch

Even decades ago czarnobiały tv raised the terror. People who have watched it for the first time just do not know whether this technology can the devil. Today's televisions are no longer surprising and the producers of this type of equipment are trying to equip them so that they are for us as the most [...]

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And what is with you?

It's Thursday, I'm sitting and sipping rosołek despite the fact that many people recognize this dish as a typical Sunday. Slowly motywuję to commit this entry, because it was so long ago I was not. I don't even know how to get started-Hello blog?, readers?, may welcome back?, I do not know. Probably that's why [...]

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Jak daleko mnie kochasz ?

Na pięknych filmach romantycznych nie dziwi nas obrazek, kiedy to ludzie decydują się wyjechać na drugi koniec świata za swoją miłością. Czasami to podczas wakacji poznają kogoś, z kim decydują się ułożyć życie. Tak, mam taką koleżankę, która to wyjechała ze swoim facetem na Dominikanę na urlop, ona już tam została - facet wrócił do [...]

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Alior Bank czy może stare babcine sposoby ?

Kilka lat temu zostałem klientem Meritum Banku. Oczywiście nie obyło się bez ekscesów związanych z założeniem konta. Coby przypomnieć historię, wspomnę iż cudowna obsługa banku Meritum - nie stawiła się, na umówione spotkanie biznesowe. Temat był o tyle drażliwy, że konto zakładały trzy osoby jednocześnie, więc trzeba było dograć się we trójkę. W późniejszym czasie, [...]

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