On average, every two years, we face a choice of mobile phone, especially those who are involved in the system of subscription. Offer ends, starts second. Most people that I know, just every two years to exchange the phone, but not all. I've seen situations in which someone buys a mobile phone, just to extend my super offer, and the camera just sell-at the end of the old model, which already has a few years-still works great, more importantly-we know it. However, not all of us follow the savings, it is quite a large group of people who telephone exchange-when you get a new model. Yes, I belong to this group, fortunately freak on apple products, it is not so big that after new phone set to launch-but who knows, maybe one day and this sport I will try. Let us return, however, to the ground.

Why iPhone?


 This mega big shit-how can we learn from all of you who have seen the iphone mostly on the image. For me, the phone is really useful, particularly, that start their adventure with youtube. Now I wonder just what a DSLR to decide-so here I am counting on your help, because to be honest-that is changing so fast, that I have no idea which way to go. At the moment-the iphone is doing great with short videos, especially since I always have it at hand. 4 k video recording (although apparently it's fake 4 k), this pretty good stability. Unfortunately, I can forget about shooting movies with lousy lighting, but for this type of tasks you have to unfortunately use better equipment. In addition, iphone captures me, is solidly made and has a lot of extras. Of course the main advantage is the absence of problems with the software, the phone does not suspend, always performs my commands and even after a few hundred falls of about 1, 5 m-continue doing great.

Good for starters!


the iPhone is a great device for a start. I started the adventure of the apple from the iPad. Later, I armed myself with quite quickly in the iMac, MacBook and the last mentioned on the blog Apple Watch, all beautifully complement the apple routers-although these in my opinion are not as polished as the rest of the equipment. Most people I know started similarly-first one product, and later in a very short period of time-all the rest. And there is no wonder, in the end, when we have the whole family-equipment begins to go great together-without the need for additional programs which strongly mess up-as it is on Android. In the work of the blogger or youtubera-these devices are a great complement to what we do. A man may not always have on hand a DSLR, and a fairly advanced optics will allow us to make a still good material. For example, today a short movie, which was realized iphone 6s plus, used additional lighting, and should I as in the apartment when recording there was light szarówka, and unfortunately the picture is not as I expected-there is, however, also bad.


Shop iPhone


And of course, I also have something for you. Many times I've heard that the iPhone is a very expensive phone. Yes, it has its price. Today I will recommend you shop i4less.pl where you can purchase the iphone a lot cheaper than traditionally. Of course you may receive fans, who find that there to buy cheaper. I have to say that once I tried this number. It turned out that someone on allegro toyed in an intermediary purchaser iphone from China, hence-on the phone I have been waiting quite a long time, because almost two months. Every reasonable knows that two months of waiting, it's quite a large difference in the price. Therefore, I do not recommend this type of gambling, because many such "intermediaries" as soon as it begins to sell, also ends-and we, well we need to later ask for our money, often on the road. I4less shop is a shop run by a similar fanatic like me. All phones are thoroughly checked, and the shipping is very fast. An additional advantage is the fact that the store does not exist only virtually, and has its own branch, so if we want to time-we answer the phone personally.

I am curious also your opinion on apple. Do you use, and you may only przymierzacie to purchase your first iProduktu. May is also something that you effectively discourages? Feel free to discuss.