Hey! Very many people have often asked me about material for hire in the UK. Here it is. Today the film I was trying to do more humorously, but this important for visitors the essence-is right here. The hiring of anything in the UK-it's really a big problem, and closer to the City Center (London) this problem is bigger, because it increases the price-and reduces the standard. And from London next-the cheaper and cleaner. Homes in the UK for the cheapest are not-but honestly working and a long while stubbornly looking for-I'm sure everyone will find something interesting.

Rooms in the UK


Shortly after your arrival-there is nothing else like renting a room. On what account-I told on film. Where to find notices of room hire. Here are some variants. First of all grocery stores. These stores are often porozklejane posts, it is very popular in the UK. So, a walk through the city in which you want to rent a room or apartment will be indicated. Such notices to stores-are advertisements from individuals, so-before pay-please make sure that it definitely is. I always insist to pay by bank transfer or paypal, it is safer than giving cash. A group on Facebook and gumtree is the additional space, in which there are listings of rooms to rent. Worth it for a few days posprawdzać and watch. The last way to rent room-is a real estate agency. This, however, is associated with fees.

Deciding to rent a room in the UK-ask about everything. A lot of people uses the "new people" by forcing the imaginary costs and obligations. When we were watching these real estate-I've heard a lot of things. Once I found out that to "the room that I want to rent"-refrigerator will be in the garage. Garage-on the other side of the garden. I think that could be an interesting experience-before you prepare a dinner-you must bring everything from refrigerators-which is on the other end of the yard. You might also want to ask-how many people inhabit the property and if the property is still empty-make sure how many people have to live in the future. I have seen houses where he lives after 10-15 people, in which there is one bathroom. Situations of which I write, mainly poles, looking for tenants-perhaps that's why I have this aversion to the apartment with the poles.

9 people + you


At the beginning of my adventure with the life in the UK, when we were looking for a first room we found on the advertisement. Nice lady picked up the phone-inviting us to a "Visual inspection". It was in this apartment, we learned that all the smoke in the living room and kitchen-so how do we bother-it's a trip. Later we found out about the weekly "zrzutkach"-there just were not high-was also a better case, but most made me laugh. The Lady informed us that each person is on duty cleaning "House and garden" once a week. Given that she and her daughters do not clean up is just to be tallied.

Real estate agency-rent


Most of the ads for rental property are primarily announced various agencies. Private announcements are also, however, these appear very occasionally, they disappear even faster. Announcements from private landlords (landlord-the owner of the property) are generally cheaper and you don't have to cover the cost of "checking". The Agency on a good day it will take us a few hundred pounds, to check our references and proof of employment. If the check is done negatively-money simply expire-you have to with this count. However, there are also advantages of such lease, if something breaks down-announce real estate agency, it shall ensure that the terms of the agreement have been complied with. Unfortunately in life it happens that for convenience have to pay-so the apartment rented in this way-it will be more expensive than private offers-although this is not the rule.

What are the conditions?


Above all, each advertisement = other conditions. As I mentioned in the video-in many cases, the landlordzi do not wish to have animals-because these can destroy the property, sometimes you can meet with the situation, that if we want to move with your pet-we have to pay a larger deposit. So for starters you should pay attention to the requirements of the landlord. If the złamiecie terms-can you throw away the real estate, and the contract to fix immediately. So the basic principle-carefully read the conditions. Secondly, each agency has its own table, whereby rooms, flats or houses are granted. To rent a property you should have adequate income, if they are too low-not renting to you real estate. Opting for this step-make sure that you have the contract, if it will be a temporary work-only some agencies will likely something you hire. The contract is for rent. But that's not all-it is not enough that you have a contract-important is the amount you earn. If you want to rent an apartment alone, you may find that the amount is insufficient. By renting a two people-the Agency shall take into account the income of two people. You can also rent a house in three or four people-then the amount required will be spread over the number of people. Here, however, there is a problem, since few landlords want to in their homes lived more than two people. If it is a family-with children-ok. If there are four adults-may receive the issue. This is understandable, because after years of experience-agencies know that strangers do not always get along-and when the House is conflict-the Agency has more work. In General, family-this is for Agency for peace of mind. Below is a promised title, with the amounts of rental and required by the real estate company earnings.


At the end of the course, I invite you to watch the movie. Share also your experience with searching for real estate in the UK. Feel free to discuss.