Today came to me little reflection so I sat and thought about all the things that I’ve done in your life and times. It certainly happened to me to prepare the pancakes-just as many times, it might be funny to some, but in my life I had the crepe, which lasted from the string used to be three years. Which means that I ate pancakes every day-sometimes once, sometimes even three times. In short, the pancakes are perfect with all and every possible way. While we’re on the topic of kitchen, the latter-if not the first place to be a cup of coffee. Just coffee bottle every day just after waking up, so the second 800-ka for coffee.

Going forward, you should not forget about everyday activities that make it go clear and fragrant. So I’m sure in your life and times, I had the opportunity to take a shower, the other eight hundred ladies for hot tubs, which I love more than showers. Other activities of the morning mentioning not because someone might have an interest in how many times myłem teeth, or worse-approach to the toilet.

And that not the whole life of a man sitting at home, you might want to mention that eight hundred times I rode the bus. But times bus ride are over, so I drove in his life 800 kilometres, as well as 800 times fired his car which fortunately 800 times not broke down, for which I am grateful to him. But once I had started, where more than 800 miles I came home with a defective fan.

More often than not I happened to have in your wallet and a gold Polish were and where found and eight hundred euros or pounds. Of course, not only the money man alive, so it’s time to slowly go to the blog, which has long since burst, the number of 800 comments. Today it’s time where I get 800-ny article. There was to it without your help, there would be a blog without you. Though increasingly becomes modniejsze saying:

A blog I run for myself, not for other

Somehow I can’t believe that someone actually pisałby not having the readers, because that is what the readers make it wants us to write. Even when we have a bad day and everything around us, overwhelms, even when we were lying in bed caught up 800-lens once in a jelitówkę, a blog i do not forgive. That is why I thank you eight hundred times, and I hope that the next 800 we survive together. So-to see.