The market for job seekers is growing. Each year, more and more work can be found in the Internet. Today happened to me a funny situation, one colleague, who runs his blog showed me, which is like writing orders. Of course, I do not see nothing wrong with that Blogger honed his writing facilities for other texts. Very often, when I sit down to write something to the emptiness of's head on a pretzel to transcribe. Especially after a long absence from the blog, it is very good for me. The word again begin to bump to the head at the speed of light. Not including, however, the problem is that bloggers write articles for others, the problem is this-that not everyone understands what someone just such articles. So let me explain.

Writing for cash


May seem a bit strange, because in the Internet you can find many reviews that it is a non-profit cottage industry. Of course, once used to such notices, where a man produced and wrote the entire month, and at the end was wydymany, because it was another thing entirely-phone bill, call the number under which it was "following orders". Today, the demand for the texts is really big. First of all, there are a few sites on which we can acquire this type of job. One of them is the portal this portal, goodcontent we have to choose various options for cooperation. From the write plain text on a pretzel, by performing specialized texts, and even translations. What more we can do, the more you earn.

Who pays for the texts and why?


For the texts after 1000, 2000 characters generally pay us companies page positioning, whether it be their or their clients. As we all know-on both versions, you can earn great as long as we have the concept-how to do it. Such texts are not necessarily upper flights, it's important not to have the spelling errors, the styling is less important. Such a person from the position, simply insert the texts on the artificially created a blog or other website. In this text the phrase used in General will be to position another page or other facilities, forming a closed circle. Such texts no one reads, read them to search engine crawlers, but these are not silly. A few years ago it was very fashionable to create mini blogs on which the text packed with mixers. A man trying to read such texts created with hundreds of synonyms, so I really lost the thread in the third sentence, however, saw the great work embedded in the text of the link, which was supposed to be used for positioning. However, in the recent past, google has introduced new algorithms and solutions, many sites have received bans for the use of rogue positioning techniques. Thanks a lot has changed, becoming less meet blogs containing texts from synonyms, which is a big plus for me. Pozycjonerzy still haven't learned that it is better to create valuable facilities for positioning, by commissioning the writing of texts.

The problem is that most people do not understand how it works the whole positioning, as the text may affect the search engine rankings. Really-the person who writes the texts does not have this understood, just has to repeat the "anticipated" by the client the phrase a few times, to be able to easily link the phrase to positioned page. During the first cooperation, most think is, if text is poorly written.

How to write the text?


In most cases, this should be butter, oil or otherwise-lost water. The text does not have to be something super professional, drawing or other data-statistics is not needed. It should be slightly written text which repeats this phrase with the coveted, of course, the text should hover around it-Ah, we all like pozycjonerzy-consistent texts. It is not a difficult task. Write text to 2000 characters, should not deal with copywriterowi more than 10 minutes, if it is a text on the need for a pretzel. Of course, on demand we can also find goodcontent texts to Web pages. These should be written with the head, but rather by experienced persons who have experience in your industry. Why is it so important? Experienced copywriter will know how the words lead the client side, this made the purchase on it, or perform other important for the owner of the site. Inexperienced person, probably will create a text that would be adverse publicity have such a company.

How much can you earn on this?


If you like to write and quickly write on the keyboard-this will be a better option than working for the lowest. Plus, of course, is the ability to do the job when we feel like it, not when the urge is our boss. Przebudzimy at night and cannot sleep-it might be a good timing for us to earn a few dollars. Today it's raining outside, another good reason to sit at the computer. But to the point. I write this text on a pretzel takes an average of 5 minutes. For a single text we receive about 4zł. So it's not hard to count how much you earn per hour of our work. 4zł 12 orders = 48zł. It's just that I really write very quickly, once I kept up for a short period of writing pretzels, so I will accept that the real rate is about 15 PLN/hour. Working 10 hours a day for five days a week = earn 3000zł.

Here, of course, for many people this may sound really good cash. Not all, however, is as simple as it may sound. Sometimes we find the related texts with our interests, so we write them very quickly. Sometimes it will go to medical texts, is so boring that we will not have no idea, then come down. I admit that the writing of texts, a huge importance to our creativity, imagination and, above all, experience. In addition, if we are going to create cool text, very soon we will find the audience that will regularly have articles from just us, which will translate into additional income. And you know-when someone is waiting just our texts-the rate should always go up. A huge advantage of this type of activity is the fact that we don't have to assume. At the beginning we can clearly be shown on the contract work, or contract job, but when we cross the magical threshold of profitability, it is worthwhile to think of opening a business.

If something wasn't clear in today's text-happy to answer all your questions in the comments. I strongly invite you to the discussion.