Just so! That is what today we celebrate World Day of smoking marijuana. From what legend has it today at 16.40 everyone should fire your favourite blunt. Of course, the determination of the exact hours according to me is a little exaggerated, but on the other hand – it must be a nice feeling when you know that it was at this time millions of people around the world jointly and severally give their best. I unfortunately today there since about 16.40, because only now finished their daily duties (Yes, the blog is a pleasure, not obligation). However, I hope that all my new house in the evening.

As more and more often you can hear positive messages directed towards the legalization of marijuana in Poland I decided that today I just about smoking. Fortunately I will not bug you, because people who like marijuana and smoke, you probably have better attachment at this point, than reading the blog. At the end of the movie, in which Toronto toss and you can see how the world day of smoking marijuana is right there. This is a movie from 2014, unfortunately I have not found anything more fresh. And you, what do you have smoking herbs? Feel free to discuss.