Today the recording video clips is virtually the same popular as creating other content. As that from a few good months engulfs everything with the creation of video is linked I decided to create a small review off the sports camera. As experts say-something that is cheap, can't be good. Fully agree with that, but sometimes those cheap things can be more than sufficient. Indeed I believe that people that video recording occasionally, should not be packed more cash in a professional camera-and this, and this record is similar. What else, if actually passionate about recording video, such a cheap camera – it will be ideal to start with, and later as "additional personnel", which will introduce the film more dynamics.

What we get for PLN 300?


It's all what you can see in the picture below, plus of course the camera, which, for some reason, the picture is not. Not I translate to unpacking the boxes, so oszczędziłem you show everything from A to Z. It's like the camera is packed, there is just the least important, the most important thing is how it actually works. On the picture you will see a waterproof housing, power supply, and some lashing straps. Oddly enough-some of the fixtures used tape 3 m-and so one of the best. At that price, however, we do not receive the memory card-that you have to buy separately. The first time I bought so 64 GB memory card for £ 5 (about 30 PLN). It turned out, however, that the Charter does not deal with the camera, and the image after saving "breaks". I did not know then, that card is important, because I fixed his mistake by purchasing a renowned memory card-problem "stuttering" stopped-also remember, when choosing your memory card. Sometimes, more appropriate will be less storage capacity, a faster card.


The execution?


And here's the truth-I have no objections. Maybe some parts of the housing seem to be such a "light" and easy to destroy, but to me it does not bother, as I put the camera into a plastic waterproof pouch, which is completely safe. The keys work smoothly, does not hang, and the camera responding to my commands without any major problems. Sheer waterproof case is very solid, but unfortunately the warm days are just ahead of us, so test ponowię when will I have access to some of the coral reef (a bit like kiczowato go to the pool with podróbą gopro:>).

Something more?


More I'll write when misinterpreted I needed this camera a little longer. I will try to also make a small confrontation with the gopro and iphone 6. The rest of the movie was just using the iphone plus-this phone also offers 4 k recording. Although not czarujmy-real 4 k is definitely not. However, they are very small, portable, and as the size and the price-they really did a good job. Cons of the camera? Sound-it is really weak. The quality of the same movie and sound-review it themselves. And what you have experience with cameras, or zaryzykowalibyście PLN 300, on the camera or even as a new person would you rather spend a little more and buy a reputable equipment? On the day if the weather allows-will review cheap drone with camera-also warmly invite you.